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Ladies’ Bootcamp, like the CrossFit W.O.D.s, focuses on high intensity, functional and constantly varied movements, except there is no heavy lifting. The workouts usually focus on movements in gymnastics, running, plyometrics, kettlebell and medicine ball exercises as well as most bodyweight movements to ensure that athletes burn their desired amount of calories in a short amount of time.

Bootcamp workouts usually begin with a “buy-in” which familiarizes the athletes/ students to the tempo of the workout of the day. Movements for the buy-in are usually implemented as part of the warm up. The workout then progresses to the actual workout of the day, which balances out with a series of bodyweight movements performed in high intensity and a short resting period to ensure that athletes benefit well from the workout. A cash-out is more or less expected after the workout of the day, this involves movements to strengthen the mid section, like core, lower back, and abs.


Our Bootcamp classes are for anyone: anyone who wishes to lose weight, to get a toned body, to supplement their training regimen and for those who would want to ease in to learning and joining the CrossFit W.O.D.s.

Bootcamp classes usually run around 45 minutes to an hour, this includes the warm up and stretching shortly followed by the buy-in and the workout of the day as well as the cash-out. If time permits, the coach may also provide cool down exercises with a set of stretches for the students/athletes.

Bootcamp classes give athletes and students the same CrossFit fun minus much of the weight lifting. This class introduces basic CrossFit movements to those who would want to ease their way into CrossFit W.O.D.s. If you’re looking for a total body workout, a toned body and a smile on your face then this is for you.


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