One size fits all?


CFMNL is centered on three disciplines. They are gymnastics, Olympic lifting and metabolic conditioning. Collectively, movements are hand picked and a system of programming have been devised using these movements to help the athlete elicit the best results in terms of building strength, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, speed, power, agility, accuracy, balance and co- ordination.

CFMNL believes that true fitness is one which encompasses the 10 general physical skills above. Over 500 movements have been identified across these three modalities. We are confident that there are enough options for variations to accommodate even the most discerning of athlete, especially so if their intention is to attain a broad, general and inclusive fitness centered on functional movements. After all, the needs of an athlete vs. our grandparents vary by degree and not kind. CFMNL is designed for all, regardless of age and gender who are interested in achieving optimal fitness through the use of varied and functional movement.