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A high intensity workout system that uses bodyweight  exercises and kettlebell moves combined with heavy bag striking using all limbs; hands, elbows, knees, feet derived from different martial arts like Muay Thai and Boxing. Striking MNL is a general training method for beginners, fitness and martial arts enthusiasts, and athletes of all kinds looking for a unique high-intensity fitness program.
Joining this class will allow you to get the strength, endurance gains and cardiovascular conditioning from high intensity workouts, combined with the power, speed, and body toughening benefits of high-impact striking, all of which will burn fat and build lean muscle.
Although, it is NOT a venue for fighting or sparring, or a class to learn self-defense or MMA. It is NOT meant to be a replacement for martial arts training; it is meant to ENHANCE it. While a martial arts background is a plus, it is not required. You will learn the strikes you’ll be using in class. If you know martial arts, there is no need to change your striking movements. Those with martial arts backgrounds will be encouraged to strike exactly like how they are supposed to. Strikes that will be taught in class are only meant for those who have little to no striking background.
We do not require you to bring your own gear, but we highly recommend you have your own set. There will be MMA gloves, wraps, and speed ropes available in the box, however, we encourage strikers to have their own, so the size and feel of the gear are specific to them.

Each session, which lasts 1 hour, is in a class composed of anywhere between 10-20 participants, working out together and motivating each other to be better, faster, stronger.

There is no fitness level requirement! Although you have to be 13 years old or older to join this class. Workouts are scalable to fit any fitness level. If you have any medical condition/s, you need to present us with a doctor’s clearance before participating.