A Spectator’s View on the Manila Throwdown 2014

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People often forget that an important aspect of any team would be its supporters. A huge number of members came over to The Circuit in Makati to cheer and support for their fellow boxmates who competed in the Manila Throwdown Team Edition 2014 last weekend. Little did they know that their loud cheers combined with their endless support was the extra push our athletes needed in getting that “one last rep.” Hear the stories of 5 members, Edu Yu of the Kapitolyo box, Mae Velasco of Alabang, Dee Nicolas of Makati, Brenton Chua of Fort, and Razvan Bozgan of Eastwood, who, after witnessing the dedication, hard work, and amazing performances of their fellow boxmates in the Throwdown, are now very much inspired and motivated to train even harder and hopefully bring as much pride to their box in the future. 


1. How long have you been a member of your box?

Edu: A year and 4 months

Mae: A year and 7 months (but haven’t been WODing for 2 months now hehe)

Dee: Since the box officially opened in May 2013

Brenton: I have been a member since August 2013. So a year and 3 months to be exact.

Razvan: I’ve been a member of Crossfit Eastwood since mid July 2014 so that’s 3 months already and really looking forward to continue in next couple of years.

2. How did you feel when you found out that some of your boxmates/coaches qualified for the Manila Throwdown?

Edu: It is very exciting to know that your box has a representative for the Throwdown. You know you have a team to cheer and support.

Mae: I felt excited and confident that we were bringing home the bacon especially since our box was being represented by the strongest and most dedicated people. At the same time, I also wished that we had teams in the scaled division since Bangbox has a lot of athletes who I think would’ve qualified if they joined.

Dee: I didn’t doubt it for a second. Haha. I knew 4 Makati teams qualified and a lot more were close to qualifying to the Throwdown. I’m always too happy seeing Makati Minotaurs excel because they are my family here, and I love cheering for them every “rep” of the way.

Brenton: It probably matters little to them but I felt so proud for all of them.  Sure a couple of them were expected to qualify given their status as regional athletes (not saying I felt less pride in them mind you), but for a couple of boxmates, it was a sense of victory.  It naturally follows that I shared the joy that they felt when they qualified.  Garry, Rom, Phil, Nicolas, both Ians (dark and light), Lilet, Abie and Sev were all first timers in the Team Throwdown.

Razvan: Of course I feel very happy for them – this a personal achievement that they got through a lot of hard work and sacrifice. In the same time I feel proud to be a part of the Eastwood Box with such great and competitive coaches.

3. What made you want to come and support your boxmates?

Edu: I have seen all the hard work they have put in. I  know how hard it is to train not just physically but mentally as well. The least I can do is show up and cheer for them!

Mae:  Coach Job doesn’t like me cause I backed out from the last Throwdown so I had to make sipsip, make pompoms, and show myself. Hopefully my plan worked. Hahahaha! I wanted to join and be part of the event as well but since I couldn’t, I came to cheer for my fellow boxmates and show them some looove.

Dee: I try to never miss an opportunity to show up and give #boxlove. It’s amazing how my tiny but (sometimes) noisy encouragement can help athlete friends in the middle of a WOD. And knowing that, I feel it is my responsibility as part of this family to be there for them. :) They have been amazing supporters to me too. Love just goes around.

Brenton: Moreso than boxmates, these people have become like family.  Supporting them is second nature just as they have supported me each time I do the daily CFMNL WODs.   In addition, I enjoy watching live sports BUT ONLY if I know the athletes personally.  Hence, I’d rather watch a couple of friends play the ABL championship than watch a live NBA game.  The will, heart and determination CrossFit brings out of these athletes make watching and supporting all the more worthwhile.  There is no sport I would rather watch live than when that sport features family and friends pushing themselves to the limit.

Razvan: Being a member of the Eastwood box, I have developed friendships with a lot of members and coaches, in a way we are now one big Eastwood Team. And the team is always stronger when all members pull their weight so even though I am not ready to compete yet, I am ready to stand up and cheer for them!

4. Being a spectator of this year’s Throwdown, what can you say about your box’s performance?

Edu: I am really proud of the KapKrew for their effort and dedication. Even though we did not make the top 10, I’m still proud of our guys, they gave it their all and thats what matters.

Mae:  It was awesome! Seeing them perform like how they train at the box is a solid proof of what can be achieved when you really put your heart and mind in what you do. I’m sure they were all tired, aching, maybe even injured but to witness their dedication to finish strong with the WODs was really inspiring. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Dee: I’m hella proud. :) We are relatively babies and we just genuinely love the sport and the community. Seeing my boxmates do so well gives me a deep sense of pride and joy–something I know we all share. Ready to party & celebrate! Hahaha! Seriously, my boxmates show so much heart and have found big meaning in their lives through CrossFit. Their victory is beyond question and well-deserved. Really happy for them.

Brenton: Fort Box didn’t have a podium finisher this year, but we did place 4th, 5th, and 6th at the RX division.  While we’d all like a podium finish, the results speak volumes on the consistency of our athletes.  To those who were not there to witness the Throwdown, 4th to 6th may look like a missed opportunity.  But for those who were there, it was an amazing achievement by our athletes for our box.

Razvan: It’s been really great to see us winning some of the medals and to see the personal commitment that every Eastwood team member has invested to get into this competition.

5. What was your favorite part of the Manila Throwdown? Why?

Edu: Its the community. Even though its a competition you can see people cheering on another person from another box. Athletes try their best to interact with one another but you know they are focused. As a Judge, I met a lot of athletes from different parts of the country. It’s really a great experience!

Mae: I have a lot of favorite parts! First, it was when I noticed that Dino’s shoulder might’ve been injured but he really pushed himself to finish the WODs.

Second, it was seeing Benny and Anna as a team not only in life but also in this sport made me feel happy for them. You know how you feel like you get to know people that you don’t know, a little more just by seeing them together? Yeah. That. Haha!

Third, was seeing coach Mina finish the WOD even when the time was up. I wanted to give her a hug and a donut that time.

And the last was the short WOD that only the top 5 teams from both divisions did and the awarding that followed after. When Tasha was doing the last 5 clean and jerks, everyone was really cheering and I found myself surrounded with people who were bursting with so much support that I physically felt it and it gave me a really warm feeling on my chest then it made me tear a little. Hahaha! Seeing Coach Job, Tasha and Sam standing on the platform they deserved to be on was a very proud moment for Bangbox.

Dee: My favorite parts are plenty. One would be seeing Edrik and Errol ceremoniously clap after chalking their hands. It shows the spirit of Makati: mischief, fun and youth amid the intensity going on. It’s us: fun without being irreverent to the sport and the community. Another favorite moment is Polly sprinting and diving into the finish line after her last C&J. You see here how driven she is, and it’s not just for her, but also for Team FitAid Makati Phoenix teammates Johnnie and Cocoy, and for the entire Makati box. That’s real, heartfelt will to win right there. Just awesome!

Brenton: My favorite part of the Manila Throwdown is the end of each and every WOD.  When the athletes hug, congratulate one another, congratulate the other teams… it is what CrossFit is about: community and support.  I have had my experiences as a teammate (basketball and CrossFit) and there is nothing like that feeling of accomplishing something together and celebrating it. It is also this reason why I have always enjoyed the TEAM edition. That last WOD where my boxmate Lilet was finishing her Clean and Jerks… that scene right there where so many people gathered around to push her… that was BEAUTIFUL.

Razvan: I think my favorite part of the competition was the WOD 4. I really enjoyed the combination between deadlifts, burpees, rowing and kettle bell snatch. It was a high intensity cardio combined with strength skills – definitely not for the faint hearted!

6. After witnessing their performance in the Throwdown, have your boxmates inspired you? How so?

Edu: They have inspired to work harder so I can also compete in the next Team Throwdown, That’s my next goal.

Mae: Yes of course! Really just witnessing the result of everyone’s hard work and dedication was very inspiring. It was also a place full of raw and intense emotions of people supporting and cheering for each other, which really makes a big chuck of the many reasons why it’s so nice to be part of this community.

Dee: In or out of the competition, my boxmates always inspire me. The awards are nice, but what always gets me talking nonstop about this community is how real and wonderful the people here are–in and outside CrossFit. I put so much value in the genuine characters of people I’m with. Strong bodies are plenty. Give me a smiling, laughing, beautiful, strong soul and mind. One that cares about lifting other people up as much as lifting heavy weights. And there’s a lot of that from where I am. :)

Brenton: They always inspire me.  During the Throwdown or even while training for the Throwdown, these athletes push themselves to do more than what they usually can.  They inspire me to be better. They inspire me to NEVER be afraid of doing CrossFit because they will always be here to support me.  My coaches and boxmates inspire me everyday… they just did it at a much grander stage during the Throwdown.

Razvan: The competing members have been a real inspiration at a personal level of the famous say ” impossible is nothing”. I would sometimes see them at the box coaching us and using their spare time to train themselves. They push themselves to gradually increase the performance results which eventually paid back with positive results.

7. How do you think you can help in inspiring your fellow boxmates as well?

Edu: Well, I get a lot of my energy from the encouragement that my boxmates give me and I think the best way to inspire people is to support them also, push them to become better than they were yesterday.

Mae: Since I’m currently not WODing, all I can do to inspire my fellow boxmates I guess is to show my support and still be part of the community. Feeling inspired is useless when you don’t do anything about that feeling. So first, I’d have to go back to the box and hopefully let the others see what I was inspired to do. For the coaches who continue to inspire us, I hope that somehow we get to reflect your effect on us with our performance. For the fellow boxmates, really just being that one person to cheer for another to push for that one more rep is all there is. “It only takes one.” And I do hope that in any way, I can continue to help push others to do their best. After all, this is what our community is all about.

Dee: I’ll keep on PR-ing on my cheers, love and support. It keeps me happy just seeing that it counts. :)

Brenton: I guess I can always push myself to do more during the WODs, maybe even lose 20 pounds or more. I am strictly a CFMNL WOD kind of guy who shows up to the box to do my work.  I guess if I can do one thing now, it is for me to come to class regularly and focus on the workouts.

Razvan: I would like to inspire others through my example. I have started doing crossfit because I felt a strong need to change my lifestyle. However, I have now discovered the community that crossfit has built and I am now enjoying every moment spent in the Box, both training and making friends. My first objective for 2015 is to compete in the Box Throwdown and I plan on 2016 to compete in Manila Throwdown :)

Photo by: Aldrich Dayrit