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A. Skill/BBG: Jerk

Work up to a heavy single.

B. Metcon

“Unbroken Target”

For time:

Wall Balls

Male: to 12 feet, 9 kg
Female: to 10 feet, 6 kg

Sets must be unbroken — the moment you pause/rest, called for a “no rep”, or ball drops that set is terminated and you must re-do the set. Rest as needed between sets.

Points for your wall ball technique:

-Each rep begins with the bottom of the squat, feet flat on the floor, weight in the heels, and chest up
-Keep the elbows down and in
-Keep the ball low to the chest
-Don’t let the ball obstruct view of target
-Launch with little finger roll and push
-Make ascending and descending movements the same
-Minimize breathing and ball contact noise
-Breath deeply and attempt to synchronize breathing to shot rate
-Have fun! Try to enjoy each each rep!